What do we think of speech class?

"Of all the things we did my favorite was when we wrote/spoke to convince. It made me think and I like working hard to persuade others to look at things from my point of view. " - Kim

"One of the lessons I liked was the media interview piece. I thought it was different and I enjoyed recording it in the technology studio like a real media station. " - Ian

"I especially liked the comfortability and relaxed nature of the course. I think that sense of openness in this class has made it easier to learn the skills taught. " - Amanda

"I want to say thank you Mrs. Rosenberger. You have helped me a lot. This is a great class and everyone should take it. It wasn't always easy. Many lessons were challenging, but it really helped my speaking and communication skills greatly. " - Rhiannon

"I like how we used technology in our speeches. I think there should be a second speech course. " - Dale

"Collectively I think this class is one of the most beneficial electives I could have chosen. It is a class that will help me in my endeavors in the media and communications field and it was a lot of fun to experience. " - Tara

This class is one that is different from the rest because we were encouraged to talk, unlike many other classes. Thank you Mrs. Rosenberger for being so patient and teaching us new speaking skills. " - Sarah