Introduction: Preparation Terms for Acting

1. Relaxation - (Physical & Mental - be aware of surroundings)

2. Trust - (Mutual relationships - seek out the best in people)

3. Discipline - (Stay on task, get the job done)

4. Criticism - (Come to grips with it- don’t take it personal-learn from it)

5. Freedom- (Free from any physical and/or psychological barriers)

6. Preparation- (Get involved, ex: sports, read, write, sing, dance or rehearse)

NOTE: See "Acting One" by Robert Cohen

Ten Tips to Better Acting:

1- The first thing you must always do is read your script and know it like the back of your hand. You must know your lines and the lines of your fellow actors so you are not caught off guard when it is your turn.

2- Once you know your lines, you must then be an active listener. You should always be giving the director and your audience the impression that you are listening to everything going on. Also, don't be too quick to blurt out your lines just to prove that you know them. You are trying to convince people that you are having a real conversation, so make it seem real.

3- This one might be one of the simplest, but hardest ones yet, Be brave! Always be looking for a job that might cause you to leave your comfort zone and stretch your abilities. This is one of the best ways to grow and improve yourself as an actor.

4- You must learn to breathe properly. You should be practicing breathing techniques for at least 20 minutes per day. This will help you fight the stress associated with an acting career and also help you fight stage fright.

5- Always be professional! Make sure that you show up on time or if possible, early.

6- Avoid talking ill of your fellow actors. Those who put down or insult other actors, especially those that you work closely with usually end up blaming the others for their own short comings and fail to take advantage of areas they need to improve upon.

7- Keep your cool, even if everyone else isn't. If you do, your performance will definitely stand out from everyone else's.

8- Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice acting, the better you will get.

9- Not only work to improve your acting ability but work hard to make your fellow actors look as good as possible. This will enhance your own performance and help you develop much quicker.

10- Learn how to accept and deal with rejection and harsh criticism. Just keep in mind that a lot of actors get rejected for most jobs most of the time. It is simply part of the business.