Oral Interpretation & Drama Position Paper Mrs. Rosenberger

Needed Materials: One standard three ring binder, sheet protectors, loose leaf, Journal Book, highlighters, pens and pencils.

Course Objectives:
1. Students will select, analyze, cut, and prepare literature for oral interpretation and delivery.
2. Students will improve vocal expression from various warm up exercises and improvisations.
3. Students will receive an introduction to drama with an emphasis on identifying obstacles, movement, voice, focus and imagery.
4. Students will study the historical content of theatre including Shakespearean Times, Jesters, Tricksters and Fools and relating art to film.
5. Students will develop character with monologues, two person and three person performances.

1. Oral Interpretation & Drama is a one-semester course that will focus upon performance-orientated activities. Written examinations will occur after new material is introduced through various lessons.
2. All students must demonstrate their ability to analyze, prepare and deliver various forms of literature including: prose, poetry, and drama.
3. Each theatrical interpretation will hold the weight of a written exam, therefore practice and rehearsal at home is required.
4. Written feedback from teacher and students will encourage the evaluation process while rubrics will be utilized for critical review.
5. The size and ability of the class will determine the number of theatrical performances in a semester.
Classroom Expectations:
1. All students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance to school rules and guidelines set forth in the JTAHS handbook. Failure to do so will result in conferences and/or disciplinary action.
2. It is the student’s responsibility to make-up any work, speeches or tests due to absences. Failure to confer with the teacher upon return to school will result in a zero grade for the assignment or test.
3. Students are encouraged to speak with Mrs. Rosenberger about problems related to class performance. Parents/Guardians are requested to telephone the school (325-3663) if there are any questions about their child’s progress in Speech. Grades can be accessed through Powerschool at http://www.jtasd.org

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