- Research a culture and the mask rituals that occur within a specific area or region of the world.
- Prepare information for a classroom presentation.
-Use text, images and sound in the presentation.

The Purpose of a Mask:

- Religious or spiritual (ceremony)
- To tell a story
- To show a transformation
- To record a family history (like a family emblem or crest)
- For aesthetic purpose (beauty)

Media Used to Make Masks:

- Paper
- Leather
- Tin
- Clay
- Latex
- Plaster
- Papier Mache
- Fabric

Student Mask Projects:

1. Mary's PowerPoint on Javanese Masks

2. Celeste's Glog on the Haitian Carnival

3. Geoff's Glog on Japanese Masks

4. Samantha's Glog on Ecuadorian Traditions

5. Brittany's Glog on Chinese Mask Rituals

Visit our Photo Gallery to view some of the presentations!