Research Project: American Author

All tenth grade students at JTASD are required to research and write a MLA style paper about an American author. I will provide you with a list of author choices in class. We will also go through this process together. There are numerous steps the student must follow from gathering research materials, creating note cards, writing the introduction, body and conclusion, creating a title page and setting up a works cited page. The links below will help as tutorials for this process.

List of American Authors

Creating a Account - Social Bookmarking for sources

Writing a Thesis Statement


Writing a MLA Research Paper

OWL at Purdue Formatting and Style Guide

Parenthetical Notation (In-text Citations)

MLA Citations for a Works Cited Page

Easy Bib
  • An interactive tool for setting up a MLA Works Cited page.

Sample MLA Paper

Another Sample MLA Paper

Ultimate Style Guide for MLA Papers

Technological Presentation: PowerPoint on American Author

In order to share researched material with fellow peers, students will create a twenty slide PowerPoint presentation on their chosen American Author. These presentations will be delivered in class and attached to our class wiki space as a tutorial aid. Please follow the format below:

  • Slide One - Hook, Thesis and photo of American Author
  • Slides Two through Six - Five facts on author's birth, childhood and family background accompanied with 3-5 photos
  • Slides Seven through Eleven - Five facts on author's education and employment history accompanied with 3-5 photos
  • Slides Twelve through Sixteen - Five facts on author's literary career accompanied with 3-5 photos
  • Slides Seventeen through Nineteen - Three facts on author's literary impact on American education accompanied with 1-3 photos
  • Slide Twenty - Resources

Note: You will be graded on historical content, use of technology (layout, fades, transitions etc.) and presentation skills.

A rubric will be provided in class.