What do we think of drama class?

"The quick decision to fill a study hall was one of the best decisions I have made all year!" - Christina

"I can not think of an assignment I did not like. This is honestly my favorite class. It is the only class I can really relate to and put into my everyday life." - Samantha

"I think that every project we did helped expand our knowledge of drama. Mrs. Rosenberger had us challenge ourselves to be creative and new with everything we did." - Mary

"Mrs. Rosenberger has inspired me to go to college for drama. She made me realize that it is truly what I want to do in life after high school." - Catherine

" One of the most important lessons that I learned is that you can do anything you want as long as you try!" - Belen

"I thought the short skits that Mrs. Rosenberger gave us to portray were a great learning experience for us because we got to see how each other interpreted the lines and it was wonderful to help one another grow in this process. " - Brittany

"In drama I learned I have the ability to better analyze scenarios and characters. This class has also allowed me to discover my creative side." - Geoff

"This class means a lot to me and I am going to be really sad when it is over. This has been a great semester." - Liam

"My favorite activity was going to NYC to attend the acting workshop and to see "The Lion King." I hope there is going to be an advanced drama class next year. Thank you Mrs. Rosenberger for everything. This class was great! - James