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Descriptive Essays

Descriptive writing portrays people, places, things, moments and theories with enough vivid detail to help the reader create a mental picture of what is being written about.

Things to Consider as You Write Your Descriptive Essay

  • Think of an instance that you want to describe.
  • Why is this particular instance important?
  • What were you doing?
  • What other things were happening around you? Is there anything specific that stands out in your mind?
  • Where were objects located in relation to where you were?
  • How did the surroundings remind you of other places you have been?
  • What sights, smells, sounds, and tastes were in the air?
  • Did the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes remind you of anything?
  • What were you feeling at that time?
  • Has there been an instance in which you have felt this way before?
  • What do you want the reader to feel after reading the paper?
  • What types of words and images can convey this feeling?
  • Can you think of another situation that was similar to the one you are writing about? How can it help explain what you are writing about?
  • Is there enough detail in your essayto create a mental image for the reader?

Conventions of Descriptive Essays Illustrated by Sample Paragraphs

  • Appealing-to-the-Senses Description: Let the reader see, smell, hear, taste, and feel what you write in your essay.
  • Spatial-Order Description: Show the reader where things are located from your perspective.
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