Please print the page below by clicking on the page tab at the top of the screen. Answer all questions in complete sentences. Use details to relay your message.

Higher Order Thinking:

1. Do you use technology in this class to find answers, evaluate, explain, and/or create something? Explain.

2. Do you develop arguments in this class or explanations for the way you feel, with which other people might not agree? How do you share this information?

Depth of Knowledge:

1. What topics do you focus on in this class? How do you apply these concepts to real situations?

2. Do you feel comfortable taking risks when sharing ideas or answering questions in class?

3. How do you use technology in class to extend your thinking on major class topics?

4. Describe your use of technology in this classroom.

Substantive Conversation:

1. How do you feel about the discussions that occur in this class, both between students and between the teacher and students? Do these discussions stay focused on the subject matter?

2. Do these discussions extend beyond the class day, e.g. is there a class blog, wiki or email exchange that allows students to reflect on the day's learning?

Connecting to the World Beyond the Classroom:

1. What connection do you see between what you are learning in class and the world outside of school?

2. What have you learned about professions or jobs that are related to this subject?