Holden's Journey in The Catcher in the Rye

Character Summary - Holden Caulfield: The protagonist and narrator of the novel, finds himself upset with the society in which he lives. Throughout the novel he goes on a journey to find himself. Holden is immature although he makes attempts to act as if he is mature. Holden can not accept those who value materialistic items and labels them "phonies." In all, Holden is hypocritical and it is perhaps this trait that causes him to self-destruct.

Showcase - Students created 30 second music video's utilizing Animoto for education. All video's must include images and sound to depict a personal interpretation of Holden Caulfield's journey in this 1951 classic: The Catcher in the Rye.

Click on the link below to activate the Animoto video samples:

The following PA Content Area Standards were addressed: 1.2 B Reading Critically in the Content Area, 1.3 A, B, E, F Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting LIterature

The following NETST for teachers were also utilized: I A, B Technology Operations and Concepts, II A, B Planning and Designing the Learning Environment, III A, B Teaching Learning and Curriculum, IV A, B Assessment and Evaluation